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to everyone. ♪ >> that's our program for now. i'm bob abernethy. you can follow us on twitter and facebook and watch us anytime on the pbs app for iphones and ipads. and visit our new redesigned website, where there is always much more, including audio and video podcasts of this program. join us at as we leave you, more music from heartbeat. ♪ >> this week on "moneywise," we look at where the jobs are and how you can stand out a tight job market. we'll have a studio discussion with carl jefferson from the national association of african american human resources and rosalind howard from the baltimore city one-stop job center. and later, a little musical inspiration from the "moneywise" playlist. now, let's get "moneywise." >> "moneywise" was made possible by... >> neighborworks america, educating homeowners about loan modification scams and how to report them, at 1-888-995-hope and >> and also by the foundation for financial planning, a non-profit organization helping people take control of their financial lives through financial literacy education and the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1